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Hello How Are You Carlow

What a great morning it was Thursday March 30th in the Fairgreen Carlow for the Carlow Mental Health Associations Hello How are you morning. A big thank you to KCLR Fm, The Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Gina Delaney from Mental Health Ireland, our radio guests, RITA KELLY, NIALL RYAN, EDEL FINN, NIALL O’MUIRI, LOUISE KELLY, VALERIE MCDONALD & OLENA TURENYCH, MARK CALLINAN, GINA DELANEY, JOHN NOLAN, FERGAL KEARNEY, SHANNON BASSO GAULE and the volunteers from the Carlow Mental Health Association.

We want to share with you some of the highlights of this event, which aimed to raise awareness and support for mental health in our community. The event was part of the national Mental Health Ireland Hello How are you campaign, which encourages people to check in with each other and have a conversation about how they are feeling.

The unique premise of this campaign is to encourage people to not just ask the question but to support people in knowing what to do next.
• H – Say Hello. This encourages starting the conversation, asking the question, using open ended questions and choosing the right place to talk.
• E – Engage with the person. This is about being friendly and engaging and using inviting body language
• L – Listen to the person. Be relaxed and show that you are listening by nodding appropriately, and asking open ended questions that will give you more of the story.
• L – Learn about the person. Let the person know you have listened by repeating back what you have heard them say. Ask if they are aware of supports available and have that information to hand. Example of supports include Self Help Groups like AWARE, GROW, SHINE, their Family Resource Centres, GP etc. Find details on local supports by going to www.yourmentalhealth.ie.
• O – Ongoing support. Check back in with the person and see how they are getting on.

The event started with a live broadcast from KCLR Fm, featuring interviews with some of the organisers and participants of the event. They shared their personal stories and experiences with mental health challenges and recovery, as well as their tips and advice for coping and seeking help. They also talked about the importance of breaking the stigma and silence around mental health issues, and creating a culture of compassion and empathy.

It was a great opportunity to connect with other people who share an interest in mental health, and to exchange ideas and experiences. Our volunteers were busy saying Hello How are you to the customers of the Fairgreen and letting them understand what the day was about. They also had a chance to visit the stall set up by the Carlow Mental Health Association that offer mental health services and support. They provided us with information leaflets, brochures, and contact details for further assistance.

Other events were running in Carlow on this morning

Overall, it was a wonderful morning full of learning, sharing, and caring. We want to thank everyone who attended and contributed to this event, especially the to KCLR Fm, The Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Gina Delaney from Mental Health Ireland, our radio guests, and the volunteers from the Carlow Mental Health Association. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, and we hope you will join us in saying hello how are you to someone today.

A link to the KCLR Broadcast

KCLR LIVE: Live from Fairgreen Shopping Centre for “Hello, How Are You?” Mental Health Campaign (Thursday, 30th March 2023)