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Carlow Mental Health Association Team, October 2020

The Carlow Mental Health Association Team celebrating the launch their new supports website, October 2020


Carlow Mental Health Association was formed in February 2010 by volunteers with a passion for promoting positive mental health in Carlow. We work with local, regional and national organisations to provide signposting and information on supports for maintaining & enhancing mental and emotional wellness, as well as information on help available to those who are experiencing mental and emotional challenges. Our small but dynamic committee also provide a wide variety of free events and seminars throughout the calendar year.

We are affiliated with Mental Health Ireland and are part of a network of mental health Associations throughout the Country. We are also affiliated to Carlow Public Participation Network (PPN). 

We are a registered charity and are grateful to all of the agencies, businesses and individuals who offer assistance to enable us to continue our works. We must also acknowledge the many volunteers who help us to deliver our projects throughout the County.

Carlow Mental Health Association formed in February 2010 by volunteers with an interest in promoting positive mental health in Carlow. This group affiliated with Mental Health Ireland. Carlow Suicide Awareness Committee started in 2005 to run Suicide Awareness Seminars. It stopped meeting in 2008 and reformed in 2010. Both groups came together in 2011 under the Carlow Mental Health Association when it was discovered that they had similar aims and similar action plans.

Aim of the Committee

The aim of Carlow Mental Health Association is to encourage all in our community to think about their mental health and wellbeing in the same way as we think about our physical health, and to provide signposting to those who endeavour to maintain wellness or who are facing challenges.

  • Encourage our community to consider mental health in in a similar manner to physical health
  • Encourage people to have a frank & open discussion about mental & emotional health
  • To encourage maintenance of emotional and mental wellness as part of our lifestyles
  •  Help reduce stigma around discussion of, and seeking help for, mental health challenges
  • To work with relevant organisations to increase awareness of supports available to those who are affected by suicide or mental health difficulties
  • Advocate on behalf of people with mental health needs

Committee Membership

Carlow Mental Health Association is affiliated to Mental Health Ireland (MHI). It is a voluntary organisation with charity status that includes members from mental health professions, community professions and community members. Our current members represent: members of our community, mental health professionals, service users, Carlow County Development Partnership, Health Service Executive & Carlow County Council.

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