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Wellbeing Playday

Our Hello How Are You morning May 15th in Fairgreen Shopping Cernte and outside broadcast by KCLR

On May 15th Carlow Mental Health Association’s held their Hello How are you morning in the Fairgreen, Carlow where we had a live performance of the song Hello How Are You which explores the importance of those four words Hello How Are You from a mental health perspective. Jason Culleton wrote and sang the song with backing from Mary Amond O Brien’s Carlow Community Choir. We have attached a video of some of the pictures and videos that were taken on the morning. Thanks to Brian Redmond and the KCLR team on the morning, Fairgreen Carlow, Carlow Community Choir, Kevin Byrne for recording the video and all those that were part of the morning.
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Kevin Byrne

Christmas Carol Sing Along

Why not come and join in on Saturday and help us spread a bit of festive fun.

“Lighting Up Minds and Hearts: A Story of Giving Back

As the festive season approaches, the twinkling Christmas lights in Bagenalstown offer more than just a visual delight; they serve as beacons of hope and support for mental health awareness. This year, a remarkable initiative has taken shape, intertwining the spirit of the holidays with a profound dedication to mental well-being.
John Gladney, a proactive member of the Bagenalstown community, has embraced the opportunity to give back in a meaningful way. Having experienced personal struggles and overcoming them with the assistance of mental health services, John felt impassioned to share his journey and help others in similar situations.
Reflecting on his own experience, John reached out to the Carlow Mental Health Association, initiating a collaborative effort to disseminate crucial information about mental health during the Christmas light display. A dedicated space has been set up to provide visitors with valuable insights, breaking down stigmas and offering support to those who may need it.
“It’s something very important in our house,” John shares. “I was lucky enough to avail of services when I felt lost and broken. Now, we’re offering this platform to ensure others don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed about seeking help.”
The display is not just about the dazzling lights; it’s about illuminating the path towards understanding and support. Alongside the visual spectacle, a donation bucket has been set up to gather contributions for the Carlow Mental Health Association. John emphasizes that even the smallest donations can make a significant impact, potentially changing lives and providing crucial aid to those seeking support.
John Gladney’s journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of support systems and community engagement. His willingness to share his story and collaborate with an esteemed association demonstrates the resilience and compassion necessary to create positive change.
“Thank you, John Gladney, for sharing your story and creating awareness of the importance of looking after our mental health,” expresses the Carlow Mental Health Association. “We are delighted to work with you on this important initiative.”
As the Christmas lights shine brightly, they serve as a reminder that within our communities, there exists a network of compassion and support, ready to embrace and uplift those in need.
This heartwarming initiative exemplifies the true essence of the holiday season—spreading goodwill, fostering understanding, and lighting up not only the streets but also the conversation of Mental Health for individuals within the community.”
A link to the Go Fund Me page can be found here   


Fundraising Headshave and Waxing event

This Friday, December 1st, there will be a fundraising Headshave and Waxing event in The Good Room at Scraggs Alley Carlow from 8pm. Some heads and beards will be getting the chop for charity.

Funds on the night go towards Carlow Mental Health Association and Castleblayney Cancer Society. There will be a raffle on the night with lots of prizes from local businesses.

Live music will kick-off at 10pm with MÓR. Call on down and be part of a great night.


Grief and Loss

We are delighted to partner with Carlow Union of Parishes for this event and are looking forward to listening to Revd. Paul’s experiences and wisdom.

A Face in the Crowd: Breaking Mental Health Stigmas on Stage

On Tuesday October 10th, World Mental Health Day, the Discover/Recover Theatre project brought the powerful play ‘A Face in the Crowd’ to life, shedding light on the often-misunderstood world of mental illness. Crafted by the talented Niall O Muiri, the performance intricately weaves the stories of four individuals navigating the complexities of life with enduring mental health conditions.

Hosted in Visual’s George Bernard Shaw Theater, the Carlow Mental Health Association (CMHA) extended a warm invitation to all Transition Year programs in County Carlow secondary schools. Throughout the day, students were captivated by the emotional journeys depicted on stage, gaining valuable insights into the diverse experiences of those living with mental health challenges.

The visionary project received support from the Carlow County Development Partnership’s Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP). Their funding allowed CMHA to bring this impactful production directly into schools, breaking down barriers and fostering a deeper understanding of mental health issues among the younger generation.

But the commitment doesn’t end with the performance. Recognizing the importance of continued dialogue, mental health workers conducted follow-up workshops with the Transition Year programs in the following two weeks. This interactive session aimed to address any questions the students may have had, promoting open conversations and eradicating the stigma associated with mental health.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Discover/Recover Theatre, Niall O Muiri, CMHA, and the support of the SICAP programme, ‘A Face in the Crowd’ is more than just a play—it’s a catalyst for change. By bringing mental health discussions to the forefront of educational spaces, this project is sowing seeds of empathy, understanding, and resilience for a more compassionate future.

Conor Harris: A Journey from Darkness to Hope

In a world where stories have the power to inspire and connect, Conor Harris stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Last Saturday, the Carlow Mental Health Association hosted Conor as the guest speaker at this year’s Mensana Fest. The event drew a sizable crowd, with every seat taken, eager to hear Conor’s compelling narrative.

Conor’s rise to popularity began with his appearance on RTE’s Davy’s Toughest Team, but it’s his personal journey that has truly captured the hearts of many. His story is not just a tale; it’s a raw, passionate account delivered by a man who has faced vulnerability head-on, sharing the intricacies of his life’s journey.

The narrative unfolded from Conor’s early years, navigating the challenges of growing up and dealing with family problems. However, it took a darker turn when he found solace in drugs, initially believing they were a solution to his troubles. Little did he know that this choice would lead him down a perilous path of addiction, mental illness, and financial struggles, bringing him to the brink of losing his own life.

Conor’s willingness to share his story is nothing short of bravery. His journey, though harrowing, has transformed him into a positive spokesperson today. Through grit, determination, and the support of the 12-step program, Conor has not only overcome his demons but has also found a way to share his


The event attendees were privileged to be part of this transformative moment, hanging onto every word as Conor recounted the highs and lows of his life. His story served as a powerful reminder that help is available, and recovery is possible.

In a poignant question-and-answer session that followed Conor’s talk, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to transparency. No question was too difficult, no inquiry too challenging. Conor’s openness further endeared him to the audience, fostering an atmosphere of understanding and empathy.

Conor Harris’s journey is not just his own; it’s a beacon of hope for those who may find themselves on a similar path. His ambition is clear — to extend a helping hand to those traversing the same difficult terrain he once navigated.

As we reflect on Conor’s story, we’re reminded that amidst life’s struggles, there is always a possibility for redemption. Conor’s metamorphosis from the depths of despair to a positive force is a testament to the strength that lies within each of us. May his story continue to inspire, uplift, and foster a sense of community among those grappling with their own battles.


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Mindfulness for children

We are really excited to be part of the @carlowsportspartnership and Healthy Carlow 2024 Wellbeing Playday in @CarlowCollege StPats on Saturday 20th July and are offering 2 free short workshops.
Mindfulness for Children – showing tools with how to build mindfulness in your daily interactions with the children in your life.
We will also be hosting an #information stand and have a fantastic #family #giveaway on the day. We are looking forward to meeting the community of Carlow and promoting #positivementalhealth

Wellbeing Playday Five Ways To Wellbeing

We are really excited to be part of the @carlowsportspartnership and Healthy Carlow 2024 Wellbeing Playday in @CarlowCollege StPats on Saturday 20th July and are offering 2 free short workshops.
The Five Ways to Wellbeing are simple ways to improve the mental and social wellbeing.
We will also be hosting an #information stand and have a fantastic #family #giveaway on the day. We are looking forward to meeting the community of Carlow and promoting #positivementalhealth

Older Persons Forum Roadshow

We are delighted to have a stand at this event.


  • Carlow Older Persons Forum Information Roadshow –


Carlow Older Persons Forum are hosting an Information Roadshow on Tuesday the 27th of February.  The event will take place in the Lord Bagenal Hotel, Leighlinbridge, starting at 10.30am and continuing until 12.30pm.

The target audience is people aged 55+ but the event is open to everyone and will include information and advice on wellbeing, safety and security, Carlow Dementia Cabin Café, Healthy Age Friendly Homes, Care & Repair, and more.  There will also be many organisations and services with information stands to showcase a range of services and supports available for positive ageing in County Carlow.

Carlow Older Persons Forum is supported by Carlow County Development Partnership and Carlow County Council.

 Booking is essential to secure your free place and refreshments!

To book your free place and find out further information contact the Age Friendly Office, Carlow County Council at Ph: (059) 9136207 / (087) 2145262, Email: agefriendlycarlow@carlowcoco.ie

Random Acts of Kindness

Look out for our volunteers in Carlow, Tullow and Bagenalstown this Saturday.

Cabin Cafe Information Stand

We are delighted to be asked to have a stand at the launch of the Cabin Café, a monthly dementia cafe that will be running in Carlow.  Minister forMental Health and Older Persons , Mary Butler, will be launching the event.  All are welcome.